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  • High quality and cost-effective printing

    For a long time, digital printing was characterized by relatively poor quality
    and was used primarily for texts and line-art images.

    More recently, there has been a urgent need in the market for high quality
    black-and-white books reproducing
    not only text, but also photo images.


    • Short-run (up to 2 thousand copies) black-and-white hard-cover book


    • Chekhov Town, «Chekhov PrintYard»


    • In June 2012


    • High reprint rate
    • Opportunity to publish a wide range of short run editions
    • Test publications with opportunity of long runs in the future


    • Reduction in the production costs by decreasing the allowance for industrial waste
    • Significant improvement of the quality of books
    • Development of the short-run black-and-white hard-bound book segment


    • Web-fed jet printing machines OCE JetStream 3300 and folding and gathering line Müller Martini + SigmaLine (76), new finishing equipment
    • Ventura thread sewing machines and Colibri-Merit-Diamant 60 book covering system